Exploit detection

Exploit database (exploit-db)

Search (ignoring DoS exploits)
searchsploit <term> | grep -v '/dos/'
Search in title only
searchsploit -t <term>
Get details for exploit
searchsploit -x <exploit-name>
Copy full url to clipboard
searchsploit -p <exploit-name>
Modify exploit (copy to current dir)
searchsploit -m <exploit-name>
Advanced "filtering" example
searchsploit --colour -t php 5 | grep -vi '/dos/\|\.php[^$]' | grep -i '5\.\(5\|x\)' | grep -vi '/windows/\|PHP-Nuke\|RapidKill Pro\|Gift Registry\|Artiphp CMS'
Update searchsploit database
searchsploit -u


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Search for exploits
search <service> <version>